$880 per scene.

If you would like to shoot two scenes on the same day we can do a reduced rate of $800 per scene.

You are welcome to share the cost with another actor.  In this instance we can cut one version of your scene that is weighted evenly between two actors OR cut two separate versions focusing on each individual actor for an additional fee of $150.  



You will need to source your own scene.  We suggest that you find local tv content for you scene. Scripts should be kept to a maximum of 1.5 minutes long.


Scene Partner

You are encouraged to find your own scene partner.  If you cannot find someone appropriate for you scene we can suggest someone for you.



It is your responsibility to find a location for the shoot.  Locations must be appropriate for filming with very little background noise.  We suggest indoor locations.



Each scene will take 3-4 hours to shoot. We will be working as both Cameraman and Director. There will also be a sound operator to record audio. You will have time to rehearse the scene while we are setting up. We will shoot a minimum of 5 different shots and will do several takes (2-4) of each shot to cover the scene.